Closed Companies


Closed Engines


Closed Ladders

IDAddressCompanies (Date Closed)Date BuiltStatus
E2-3E LARNED AND ST ANTOINEE2 (1940)1918Closed
E3-2111 WEST MONTCALME3 (1976), L3 (1992)1926Active
E4-3HOWARD AND 18THE4 (1976)1897Closed
E5-3ALEXANDRINE AND CASSE5 (2012)1909Active
E6-3RUSSELL AND WILKINSE6 (1994), L1 (2012), L5 (1976)1956Active
E7-1ELMWOOD AND FORTE19 (1949)1874Razed
E7-3LAFAYETTE AND MT ELLIOTTE7 (1979), Tac-1 (1992)1970Active
E9-1LAFAYETTE AND ST ANTIONESnk-1 (1981)1964Razed
E11-1GRATIOT AND GRANDYE11 (1975)1884Closed
E12-3WARREN AND LAWTONE12 (1976), L9 (1992)1948Active
E15-1HUBBARD AND WEST FORTE15 (1940)1888Razed
E16-3FOOT OF 24TH STE16 (1983)1930Closed
E18-1MT ELLIOTT AND SYLVERSTERE18 (2005), L10 (2012)1893Closed
E20-3LYNCH AND ERWINE20 (2012)1989Closed
E21-2LINWOOD AND CALVERTE21 (2012), L28 (2013)1926Closed
E22-1MICHIGAN AND MILITARYE22 (1983)1896Closed
E23-1MORAN AND EAST GRANDE23 (2012)1899Active
E24-1KENILWORTH AND WOODWARDE24 (1940), L11 (1992), L15 (1980)1894Active
E25-1FOOT OF MCDOUGALE25 (1940)1901Razed
E26-1CRANE AND BRINKETE26 (2005), L14 (2013)1901Active
E28-1MILWAUKEE AND RIOPELLEE13 (1976), E28 (1948)1905Closed
E31-1WEST GRAND AND COBB PLACEE31 (2012)1909Active
E32-1JEFFERSON AND HARTE32 (2013), SQ9 (1978)1909Active
E33-11041 LAWNDALEL13 (2013)1912Active
E36-1MILLER AND HELENE36 (1982), L16 (2012)1918Closed
E37-1CENTRAL AND DIXE37 (2005), SQ8 (1978)1915Closed
E38-1COPLIN AND JEFFERSONE38 (2012), L29 (2005)1915Closed
E43-1DAVISON AND GODDARDE43 (1983)1921Razed
E45-1ST JEAN AND MACKE45 (1983)1922Razed
E47-1MT ELLIOTT AND DAVISONE47 (2012), L30 (2013)1922Closed
E48-22300 S FORTTac-4 (1983)1980Active
E49-1GRAND RIVER AND MANORE49 (2012)1924Closed
E51-1CURTIS AND LIVERNOISE51 (2013), L24 (2012)1926Active
E53-115127 GREENFIELDL25 (2013)1926Active
L4-2VINEWOOD AND WEST GRANDE10 (2012), E14 (1940), L4 (2005)1910Closed
L12-1LAFAYETTE AND 10THE8 (2012), L12 (1982)1908Closed
L19-1SHOEMAKER AND FRENCH RDL19 (2013)1921Active
L21-1LIVERNOIS AND CHICAGOL21 (2013)1921Active

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