Engine 16



ID: E16-1
Address: Foot of 5th Street
Built: 1888
Disposition: Razed
Notes: Engine 16 (Fire Boat) organized 1893. Relocated to E16-2 in 1928.
Operational Period: 1893 to 1928

Image Source: Detroit Historical Society. Link 

Description: Group portrait photo of seven uniformed Detroit Fire Department firefighters, and one man in a light colored shirt and cap, posed on the lawn in front of the fire station for the fire boat JAMES R. ELLIOT. A portion of a boat moored to a bollard, is visible in the background on the right. ”Old Fire Boat Fire House, the Old Elliott”. Circa 1905.


ID: E16-2
Address: Foot of Randolph Street
Built: 1928
Disposition: Razed
Notes: Relocated to E16-3 in 1930. Relocated back to E16-2 in 1960, then back to E16-3 in 1955.
Operational Period: 1928 to 1930, 1950 to 1955



ID: E16-3
Address: Foot of 24th Street
Built: 1930
Disposition: Active
Notes: Relocated back to E16-2 in 1960, then back to E16-3 in 1955. Engine 16 disbanded 1976, reorganized 1979, disbanded again in 1983. Reorganized as Fire Boat 1 in 1984 and located at E16-3.
Operational Period: 1930 to 1950, 1955 to 1976, 1979 to 1983

Image Source: Bing Maps

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