Engine 3



ID: E3-0
Address: Clifford and Griswold
Built: 1845
Disposition: Razed in 1858
Notes: Engine 3 organized 1861. Relocated to E3-1 in 1861.
Operational Period: 1845 to 1858

Image Source: Detroit Historical Society. Link

Description: Photo showing nine firemen and the equipment of Engine Company No. 3 in front of the fire station on Clifford Street.


Image Source: Detroit Historical Society. Link


ID: E3-1
Address: Clifford and Griswold
Built: 1861
Disposition: Razed
Notes: Engine 3 organized 1861, relocated to E3-2 in 1926.
Operational Period: 1861 to 1926

Image Source: Courtesy of the Burton Historical Collection, Detroit Public Library. Link

Description: Engine house, 1881, head of Griswold St.; Phenix no. 5, Clifford St. at the head of Griswold St


Read article from Detroit Free Press about this fire company. Last Run of the Horses

ID: E3-2
Address: 111 West Montcalm
Built: 1926
Disposition: Active
Notes: Engine 3 disbanded 1976.
Operational Period: 1926 to 1976

Image Source: Google Maps


Image Source: Link

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