Engine 9



ID: E5-1
Address: Larned and Riopelle
Built: 1865
Disposition: Razed
Notes: Engine 9 organized 1880. Former quarters of Engine 5 which relocated to E5-2 in 1877. Relocated to E9-1 in 1901.
Operational Period: 1880 to 1901

Image Source: Courtesy of the Burton Historical Collection, Detroit Public Library. Link

Description: Engine house, Larned and Riopelle.


ID: E9-1
Address: Larned and Riopelle
Built: 1901
Disposition: Razed
Notes: New firehouse for Engine 9 built on same location as E5-1. Relocated to E1-3 in 1961.
Operational Period: 1901 to 1961

Image Source: Detroit Historical Society. Link

Description: A.D. 1901.


ID: E1-3
Built: 1929
Disposition: Closed
Notes: Relocated to E6-3 in 1964.
Operational Period: 1961 to 1964

Image Source: Detroit Historical Society. Link

Description: Detroit Fire Department Headquarters on the northeast corner of Washington Boulevard and W Larned Street.


ID: E6-3
Address: Russell and Wilkins
Built: 1956
Disposition: Active
Notes: Relocated to E9-2 in 1964.
Operational Period: January 1964 to April 1994

Image Source: WSU Virtual Motor City Collection. Link


Image Source: Google Map


ID: E9-2
Address: Lafayette and St Antoine
Built: 1964
Disposition: Razed
Notes: Relocated to E7-3 in 1999.
Operational Period: 1964 to 1999

Image Source: Detroit Historical Society. Link

Description: A Detroit Fire Department pumper truck that is parked in front of a fire station that shows “Engine 9″ and “Ladder 6″ over the doorways.


Image Source:WSU Virtual Motor City Collection. Link


ID: E7-3
Address: Lafayette and Mt Elliott
Built: 1970
Disposition: Active
Operational Period: 1999 to present

Image Source: Google Maps


Image Source: Link

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