Ladder 2



ID: L2-1
Address: East Larned and Beaubien
Built: 1871
Disposition: Razed
Notes: Ladder 2 organized 1871, relocated to E2-2 in 1875.
Operational Period: 1871 to 1875.


ID: E2-2
Address: Hastings between Larned and East Congress
Built: 1875
Disposition: Razed.
Notes: Relocated to WT1-1 in 1893.
Operational Period: 1875 to 1893.

Image Source: Courtesy of the Burton Historical Collection, Detroit Public Library. Link

Description: Engine house 1881, Hastings St. bet. Congress & Larned.


ID: WT1-1
Address: East Larned, north side of street, between St Antoine and Hastings, mid-block.
Built: 1893
Disposition: Razed
Notes: Ladder 2 disbanded 1951. Research has not confirmed that this photo is of the quarters of Water Tower Company 1 but this location would coincide with other confirmed dates.
Operational Period: 1893 to 1951.

Image Source: Detroit Historical Society. Link

Description: Depicted is either Ladder Company No. 2 or No. 6. Circa 1892.

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