Ladder 6



ID: E7-1
Address: Elmwood and Fort
Built: 1874
Disposition: Razed
Notes: Ladder 6 organized 1889. Relocated to E7-3 in 1970.
Operational Period: 1889 to 1970.

Image Source: Courtesy of the Burton Historical Collection, Detroit Public Library. Link

Description: Engine House 1881, Fort & Elmwood Ave., Engine 7.


ID: E7-3
Address: Lafayette and Mt Elliott
Built: 1970
Disposition: Active
Notes: Relocated to E18-1 in 1999.
Operational Period: 1970 to 1999, 1999 to present.

Image Source: Google Maps


ID: E18-1
Address: Mt Elliott and Sylverster
Disposition: Closed
Notes: Relocated back to E7-3 in 1999.
Operational Period: 1999.

Image Source: Google Maps

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